If potent detox and slimming results are what you most desire from a spa treatment, then it is fair to say that the latest 90 minute treatment at The Spa at Four Seasons, Slim and Trim is an answer to everything you’ve wanted.

The benefits of this treatment are innumerable. Elimination of toxins and excess water, dissolving localized unwanted adipose fat, and hydrating while repairing your skin are some of the best positive effects you will experience with this highly results-driven treatment – all this, with the usual pampering, and relaxation you have come to expect from a world-class Spa establishment.

The secret lies in a combination of

1)      High quality Biologique Recherche essential oils complexes and cream

2)      Functional massage gloves devised by Biologique Recherche

3)      And a uniquely formulated massage technique

Pioneered by France’s most visionary skin-care specialist, Dr Philippe Allouche, you will experience 3 outstanding products developed by Biologique Recherche in Paris. 2 active essential oils with high concentrations of ivy, clematis, fucus and meadowsweet extracts will be applied and kneaded into your skin to amplify absorption. These active ingredients are known to possess muscle relaxation, anti-inflammatory and swelling, as well as metabolic enhancement properties.

Biologique Recherche’s very own massage gloves designed with a small-spiked side (for maximum stimulation) then come to work, combined with expert massage techniques of our spa attendants. In circular movements that resemble the digit “8”, strokes, kneading and lifting, key areas for trimming such as the navel, adrenal glands at the waist, thighs and buttocks are targeted. The combined effects of which help dissolves unwanted adipose fat, and combat cellulite and orange peel skin.

Finally, a soothing cream is applied to round up the treatment and calm the skin, leaving your carefully sculpted body with a healthy glow of wellness.

To witness just how effective this treatment is, you may make your reservation at spa.hkg@fourseasons.com or call (852) 3196 8900.

Did you know? The Spa at Four Seasons has been awarded five stars by Forbes Travel Guide.



With a body ready to be flaunted, it is high time to peruse the newly stocked up Spatique for the hottest fashion items that will leave your friends scrambling to ask you the source of purchase. Spa Director, Shoshana Weinberg and her dedicated retail team spend considerable time and thought ensuring it is stocked up with interesting and unusual items sourced from all over the world. Here’s our pick the best wearable buys (hurry up before the beach season ends!):

Madhu Pallo – These beaded and embroidered silk kaftan, tops, tunics and evening dresses conjure images of a Raja in all her sultry beauty. These high-quality artisanal silk garments hang on the body delicately, offering maximum comfort for an afternoon stroll in the shades.

Damina Fashion – From elegant maxi dresses, to resort wears and jumpsuits, Damina’s garments are designed to flatter all figures, boasting a comfortable, lightweight and wrinkle free fabric that would suit even a fashionista’s jetsetting lifestyle.

Onzie – So long, grimy sweatpants. Workout clothes for women, once relegated to the back of the closet, are moving to the front of the fashion scene. Check out Onzie’s bold and playful sportswear collection, including a Bikram yoga line with funky patterns that will make your fellow yogis go “ohh and ahh!”


Mon Panama – Elegant fibre hats and the iconic Panama hat are some of Mon Panama‘s prided hand-woven products to adorn your protection against the sun, or as accessories to complement your fabulous holiday attire.head! Known to be lightweight, breathable and classy, these hats can be worn for true

Do you have something you like? Feel free to contact the Spa Concierge by e-mail or call (852) 3196-8900, or give us a visit!



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