Executive Club ReceptionHong Kong doesn’t walk, she runs. Join the mad dash the minute you arrive at the airport – whisk past customs in awe-inspiring efficiency, shuttle to your destination by a skilled limousine driver or in the comfortable seat of the Airport Express, and find yourself in your hotel room in record time.

At this pace, it is little surprise that artwork of the highest quality often flies under the radar in a tangle of check-ins and check-outs.

Might we suggest pausing to catch your breath and take a closer look? Art you may not notice truly deserves the time.

None of the artworks in the Hotel appeared by accident – from creation to curation, a careful process of selection involved a detailed collaboration with artists, Hotel management and property owners. Hundreds of portfolios of artists were reviewed to acquire unique commissions that best reflect the style of the Hotel. When finally mounted, these pieces beautify every corner of the Hotel.

In the name of art, our guests are invited to spare a little time from their hectic schedules- we have formulated a simple self-guided tour for a charming immersion in the art world of the Hotel. Simply head to our Front Desk or Concierge to ask for a tour map, and voila, your private tour begins. Taking you through the different floors of the Hotel, the art tour allows guests to discover 8 of the most compelling artworks housed under the roof of Four Seasons.

On this tour, you will seeThe Lounge

  • The culturally-fascinating marriage of feng shui and art installation
  • Artisanal technique, fiber, metallic paint and precious metals seamlessly integrate art, craft, design in one artwork along with the involvement of a local Colombian community
  • Colourful artwork evoking the spirit of jazz music and ballet, created by one of the first artists to venture to China after the tumultuous Cultural Revolution

And much more for your art-inspired mind to unravel…


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