Last October, wedding couple Katherine and Yves said their vows two days before their 10th anniversary, celebrating their love in the company of friends and family at the Grand Harbour View Ballroom. With subtle hints of European charm and minimalism, the Chinese wedding was reminiscent of the many travels that have coloured the couple’s love story.

Sunset Proposal… Iconic Victoria Harbour… Feminine Flair  

Bride and Groom 

Soon to mark their 11th year together, Katherine and Yves fit into every description of the doting, long term couple; they exude a natural, relaxed confidence around each other, playfully teasing when recounting past adventures, and share so many friends it is hard to imagine them in a social setting without each other. “We have had close friends say we are becoming increasingly similar, at times, I’ve caught myself speaking, thinking and doing things the way Yves does. It’s pretty incredible.” says Katherine.

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Travel is taken very seriously by Mr. and Mrs. Lee, both lovers of all things European and epicurean. Big moments and key milestones were often celebrated abroad, particularly in Europe. Having travelled extensively together and often in the company of friends, they have made it a point to celebrate every birthday and anniversary with a trip. This itchy-feet pair made Prague their pre-wedding photo shoot destination, generating a wealth of fairytale shots to adorn the wedding venue. It was also in a piazza in Florence that Yves, inspired by the Tuscan sunset, got down on his knees in a moment of romantic spontaneity to pop the question!

The Scene

When scouting the perfect wedding location, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong was one of only two hotels the couple sought out. Captivated by the airy space, spectacular Victoria Harbour view, the decision was made unanimously to have both the ceremony and banquet at the Grand Harbour-View Ballroom. They knew to trust renowned Chinese Chef Chan Yan Tak of Lung King Keen to execute a Chinese banquet dinner with true three star Michelin flavour.

The Bride Wore


A professional makeup artist by trade, bride Katherine’s style is sultry, elegant and understated. Knowing specifically what design she wanted, Katherine set out to look for a sophisticated bridal dress design that would accentuate her figure and dazzle guests with a feminine flair. The two bridal dresses she eventually found were from Spain San Patrick and States Casablanca, while her show-stopping heels were from Dior.

Magical Moments

The preparation of the wedding was a joint project aided by the couple’s many wonderful friends. The wedding bouquet thoughtfully organized and kept secret by the bridesmaids, the dress was sourced by friends in the fashion industry, the wedding photographer was a friend they have worked with before, while the bridal makeup was done by Katherine’s very own makeup teacher. The wedding was of course attended by all these significant people who helped make the celebration come to beautiful fruition. Special thanks also goes to Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Catering Manager Annie who, in Katherine’s own words “took our wedding preparation so seriously that it felt like we had two wedding planners!”

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