There are many beautiful legends about the moon in China.

The Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, dates back over 3,000 years  and the celebrations continue today. The holiday is celebrated with gusto in all Chinese-speaking regions during which mountains of mooncakes are consumed and given as presents.

This year, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong pays tribute to this celestial tradition with a selection of hand-crafted mooncakes from Michelin three-star Chinese restaurant, Lung King Heen as well as Four Seasons branded mooncakes.

Lung King Heen Mooncakes 

Product Price Price
Lung King Heen Cream Custard with Toasted Pine Nuts (Mini sized/ 6 pieces) HKD 498
Lung King Heen White Lotus Seed Paste with Preserved Egg and Pickled Ginger (Mini sized/ 6 pieces) HKD 468
Lung King Heen Five Nuts and Glazed Ham (Mini sized/ 6 pieces) HKD 468
Lung King Heen Taro and Salted Egg Yolk (Mini sized/ 6 pieces) HKD 498
Lung King Heen Assorted Mini Mooncakes (Mini sized/ 6 pieces) (with Pickled Ginger/ Five Nuts/ Taro) HKD 498
Lung King Heen Ultimate Hamper HKD 13,888
Lung King Heen Deluxe Hamper HKD 3,988
Lung King Heen Gourmet Hamper HKD 2,988

What’s new this year?: The Taro and Salted Egg Yolk flavour

How does it taste? Think velvety creamy texture balanced by a sharp and salty egg yolk!IMG_9781

What to pick? If you can’t make up your mind, go for the Assorted Mini Mooncake set! Flavours include the preserved egg and pickled ginger, five nuts and glazed ham, as well as the new taro and salted egg yolk.

What’s so great about Lung King Heen Mooncakes? Freshly and lovingly hand-made in a Michelin 3 starred kitchen. No preservatives, and other additives.

What’s the gift box like? We have a new gift box this year, designed by the revered Hong Kong designer, Alan Chan.

Product Price
Four Seasons White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Salted Egg Yolk (4 pieces) HKD 428

Perfect for: those who prefer a classic flavour, the ultimate original.Four Seasons Branded Mooncakes

What’s so great about Four Seasons Mooncakes? Great privileges enjoyed with early bird and bulk purchase. The mooncakes are made to achieve a harmony between outer casing and inner filling. The shell is moist and cohesive while the fillings are smooth and flavourful.

What’s the gift box like? Mooncakes are presented in an elegant narrow box with pastel colours, also designed by Alan Chan.

Pair mooncakes with? All mooncakes are best enjoyed with a cup of Chinese tea. Lung King Heen Chinese teas are available for purchase at the Hotel Boutique located on the Ground Floor.

Bulk Purchase Benefit for Four Seasons Mooncakes Discount
20-50 boxes purchased 10% discount
51-100 boxes purchased 15% discount
101 boxes or above purchased 20% discount

*Please note that the bulk purchase benefit only apply to Four Seasons Mooncakes

Mooncakes are available to order from 22 June to 27 September 2015, while supplies last. For further details, please call (852) 3196 8708 or email us. You may place your orders and check pricing details here.


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